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Stone Bath Mat

About Matgic

Vision: To transform every day moments into luxurious experiences, making homes feel more like enchanted havens!

Mission: To craft products that blend functionality with the touch of magic, ensuring every customer finds delight in there daily rituals.

Stone Bath Mat

  • Instant Dry Magic: Our MATgic bath stone mat has a special trick up its sleeve. Step on, and like magic, water disappears! It’s the 'abracadabra' of bath mats.

  • Two Sides to Choose: Like a magical coin, flip to pick your comfort. One side offers gentle exfoliation, the other smooth comfort. Your spa-like experience, your choice!

  • Nature’s Gift + Protection: Crafted with diatomaceous earth known for its absorbent properties and fortified with silicone edges to protect against chipping. It's nature and care combined!

  • Bonus Cozy Slippers: After the magic of a quick-drying mat, slide into our plush slippers for an extra sprinkle of luxury. It's like a warm hug for your feet!

  • Trust in MATgic: We're committed to your magical experience. If anything doesn't seem right, contact us immediately. Your satisfaction is our spellbook, guiding us to serve you best!

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Dual Sided Functionality

Non Slip & Chip Resistant

Instant Absorbtion

Anti Bacterial

Our Customers MATgical Experiences

Lara K. from San Francisco, CA

"The exfoliating feature of the MATgic Stone Mat caught my eye, but feeling it after a shower was pure bliss! And the luxurious look it gives to my bathroom? A masterpiece! It's not just a mat; it's a dance on nature's canvas."

Emma T. from Seattle, WA

"I've always been cautious about keeping my bath mats clean and the fact that MATgic Stone Mat shows a hint of natural powder, ensuring its authenticity, is fascinating. Its easy care tips, like the gentle wipe with a wet towel and sandpaper polish, make maintenance a breeze."

Samuel L. from Austin, TX

"The dual-sided functionality is genius! Depending on my mood, I can choose the marble design side for its chic look and water absorption, or flip it to the exfoliating side for a mini foot spa. And the silicone sleeve ensures I never slip. Truly innovative!"
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